Picosecond Pulse Labs General Information Description. Designer and manufacturer of electronic pulse, pattern generators and broadband components. The company's product includes products include amplifiers, attenuators, baluns, bias tees and comb generators.


picosecond light source in the near infrared with few picosecond pulse width. S an everyday easy to use instrument in biological, medical, or physics labs.

The world's fastest pulse generators. Highest bandwidth sampler modules. 5866 - Picosecond Pulse Labs Amplifiers 10.00GHz | Frequency Range - High The Picosecond Pulse Labs Model 5866 amplifier has been designed to minimize variations in gain and phase and to operate at very low frequencies. Picosecond Pulse Labs, Inc. Datasheets for Bias Tees Bias tees allow the insertion of DC voltages into a signal path without disrupting the existing signal in that path. Bias Tees: Learn more The Picosecond Advantage: The Model 5546 Bias Tee is a high performance biasing network with 7 GHz bandwidth and a very small low-frequency cutoff. It is capable of handling 50 V and 500 mA current levels.Description: This is a broadband coaxial bias insertion tee and DC blocking capacitor with a 45 ps risetime. Power Pulse Generator Pulse Generator Instruction Manual Output Pulse Generator Programmable Pulse Generator Pulse Generator Instruction Manual W Schematics Pulse The Picosecond Advantage: This is a high performance biasing network with a 15 GHz frequency response.

Picosecond pulse labs

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Salaries, reviews, and more - all posted by employees working at  Picosecond Pulse Generators for UWB Radars PICOSECOND PULSE LABS P.O. BOX 44 BOULDER, CO 80306, USA TEL: 1.303.443.1249 FAX: 1.303. PICOSECOND PULSE LABS Model 4050B PICOSECOND STEP GENERATOR The Model 4050B Pulse Generator features an extremely fast risetime of only 45ps  Kim Heller (Marcom Manager) | Scott Barkmeier (Manufacturing Engineer) | Janet Andrews (Owner) | View more for Picosecond Pulse Labs >>> AS TEE. PICOSECOND PULSE LABS, P.O. BOX 44, BOULDER, CO 80306, USA , TEL: 1.303.443.1249, FAX: 1.303.447.2236. WWW.PICOSECOND.COM. 5509-224 DC Block | Picosecond Pulse Labs. Your Price: $200.00 (You save $125.00).

A Picosecond • Pulse Labs shown for all figures. Som DeC offse errot r i s noted for all samplers. The thre He P sampler shos almosw identicat l responses and the same as reported in 1989 in AN-2a. The TEK samplers show better settling time responses. The TEK SD-32 seem tso have to o much short-tim peakinge Thi. s

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Picosecond pulse labs

Picosecond Pulse Labs Inc. designs, manufactures and markets the world's fastest electronic pulse & pattern generators and broadband components for applications in the high speed serial data

Picosecond pulse labs

PCM is an amplitude During World War II, Bell Labs was intensively studying PCM for the purpose of certainties in the order of picoseconds (rms) [59, 60, 61]. (2) The cell. width in a module is larger than the equivalent distance in a lab cell with a Picosecond pulse durations is expected to be the next step in. industrial  been generated with elaborate scientific ultrashort pulse laser technology that is Post-compression of picosecond pulses into the few-cycle regime; Prannay  Interaction of picosecond and nanosecond pulsed laser radiation on Ti6A14V alloy surface,Interakcija nanosekundnog i. Interaction of picosecond and  Picosecond and Sub-Picosecond Flat-Top Pulse Shaping Using Abrupt Taper Interferometers2010Ingår i: Journal of Lightwave Technology, ISSN 0733-8724,  ratio holes in copper with femtosecond, picosecond and nanosecond pulses.

Picosecond pulse labs

Description: 50 V, 250 ps risetime pulses are available with the “Turbo” option. The pulse duration can be adjusted with a front panel, ten-turn control from < 1 ns to 100 ns. 5933 - Picosecond Pulse Labs Tunable Filters 7.46GHz | High end frequency limit Our Model 5933 Flat Group Delay Low-Pass Filter is designed for OEM use in high-speed digital networks and telecommunication systems. The Picosecond Pulse Labs 4015B was designed as a companion unit to the Hewlett Packard 54120, 54750 or 83480 series of 12-50 GHz digital sampling oscilloscopes.
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Picosecond pulse labs

13.5 GHz Bandwidth ; 21 dB Gain +11 dBm Output at 10 GHz ; 30 ps Risetime ; Non-Inverting Picosecond Pulse Labs 10,060A Pulse Generator. We no longer offer this product. If you want repair service or a custom modern equivalent, contact us. This is a Tektronix/Picosecond Pulse Labs 10,060A pulse generator with user manual.

. Business Industrial . Test, Inspection Picosecond Pulse Labs (PSPL) has announced its comb generator product line composed of products optimized for the generation of frequency harmonics from an input source. Comb/harmonic generators For example, the Picosecond Pulse Labs Model 4005 5-ps Calibration Source is a relatively low repetition rate generator with a range from 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz. Picosecond Pulse Labs.
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Buy PSPL5541A - Tektronix - Picosecond Pulse Labs, Bias Tee, 26GHz, 50V. element14 offers special pricing, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory,  

Spec- 4040038  PICOSECOND PULSE LABS P.O. BOX 44 BOULDER, CO 80306, USA TEL: 1.303.443.1249 FAX: 1.303.447.2236. WWW.PICOSECOND.COM.