"ITIWIT" is a contraction of "ITInerary" and "InuIT", the inhabitants of the Arctic and Greenland, who invented kayaking thousands of years ago! In March 2015, plans to create a "paddle sports" brand were approved. The name ITIWIT is the name of the first inflatable TRIBORD kayak marketed in 2014.


The Inuit invented the kayak, a one person boat used for hunting and transportation, and propelled by a double-bladed paddle.

For outdoor lovers, there are few things as enjoyable and exciting as planning and executing overnight excursions i These kayaks are completely see-through. Hit the water in your own see-through ocean glider. For those who want to see just how dazzling the ocean&aposs coral reefs and marine life can be, a kayak company has the answer. The Crystal Explore Find great deals for INUIT Soapstone CARVING Carved Fisherman Eskimo Kayak Paddle Wood Fishing. Shop with confidence on eBay! Jul 23, 2018 While the Inuit made theirs out of wood, Gearlab's team of industrial engineers designed the Akiak with a lightweight carbon-fiber shaft and  Feb 7, 2008 The simplistic but graceful lines of the Greenland Inuit kayak paddle on the other hand, seems much more ergonomic and suited to the task of  The Inuit invented the kayak, a one person boat used for hunting and transportation, and propelled by a double-bladed paddle.

Inuit kayak paddle

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It is technically more difficult to make a wide blade from a single piece of wood but the Inuit had that capability and in a few cases made wide-blade paddles e.g. North Alaska Nunamiut kayak & Copper Eskimo kayak, (Zimmerly 1984). The majority of Inuit paddles are also made with both blades in the same plane while modern recreational paddles Make an Eskimo Style Kayak Paddle From 2x4 Scrap Wood in 1.5 Hours: This traditional pattern of paddle is a joy to use. The blades aren't feathered (rotated relative to each other) so they're easy for beginners to use.I just made two of these in less than 3 hours according to the timestamps on the photos.I wasn't ru… Kayaks use double bladed paddles. the typical paddle today is "Euro" style. There are more traditional style paddles. Since I'm a wood worker, I am making a Greenlandic Inuit style & an Alaskan Aleut style, in wood, to match the wood kayaks.

The famous ‘Eskimo Roll’ manoeuvre was developed by traditional Kayak users to enable them to raise a capsized Kayak in rough seas with a single stroke of their paddle. A prolific amount of Inuit children in a place where a 3rd of the year was night – guaranteed a steady stream of Arctic Hunters.

My approach is inspired by the Inuit style and does not always follow what is taught by the certification programs like Paddle Canada and BCU. Inuit Kayak, Inuit Canoe, Inuit Boats, Inuit Person, Eskimo Kayak, Inuit Man, Greenland Inuit, Inuit Hunter, Inuit Indians, Inuit Umiak, Inuit Paddle, Inuit Natives Betsie Bay Kayak has been building high-performance Greenland-design sea kayaks since 1984. The hard-chine, V-bottom design provides excellent tracking and edged turns while maintaining good speed and stability. Our design refinements go far beyond replica Greenland kayaks to create neutral handling characteristics and advanced safety features. Greenland Kayak Paddle Buyers Guide & Greenland Kayak Paddle Reviews.

Inuit kayak paddle

The Inuit design scales up or down to fit the paddler and can be built using His Greenland kayak construction and paddling skills have been documented in 

Inuit kayak paddle

From the Inuit Passage paddling. flipped backwards, a roll into the breaker achieves two things: it presents a half submerged kayak bottom to the wave instead  28 dec. 2010 — Säkerhet vid kajakpaddling 31 Flytväst 31 Kapsejsning 31 Öva vattenvana med kajaken 33 av paddeldrag 95 Inuitsväng 100 Paddling bland klippor och sten 103 Cover of "Paddlers Guide to Steering an Outrigger Canoe". www.thomas-h.se, Paddling i arktiska vatten. Kajakpaddlar enda som kan. http​://www.traditionalkayaks.com/, Harvey Golden bygger kopior av inuit kajaker.

Inuit kayak paddle

The name ITIWIT is the name of the first inflatable TRIBORD kayak marketed in 2014. From sea to river to lake - inflatable or rigid - we think there's something magic in a kayak. We design ours ourselves, so you can have the best adventure yet.
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Inuit kayak paddle

14 okt. 2016 — I den här instruktionsfilmen får du svaret: Kayak paddle assembly tutorial befinner oss på South Sound Traditional Inuit Kayak Symposium,  7 aug. 2019 — Fast det är med paddling som med flugfiske; https://www.thomassondesign.​com/docs/inuitpaddle.pdf · https://www.capefalconkayaks.com/. Rollen eller Inuitsvängen (eskimåsvängen) ger en helt annan dimension åt havspaddlandet. Som resultat har kajakpaddling blivit begränsat till att ske i relativt lugna vatten.

Zimmerly, David W. 1984 Arctic Paddle Design. kayaks were especially sleek and well made, with striking long, thin horns at the ends.
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There are many Inuit traditions representing a rich diversity of both single and double-bladed paddle types. Many early kayak paddles were about four inches wide and a couple of inches thick at the beefiest cross section—not unlike a two-by-four.

REPLICA KAYAK PADDLES . 1. Inland Chukchi: L.99-1/2"x 6-1/4" 2. Kodiak: 62-3/4"x 4-5/8" 3. Norton Sound: 64-1/2"x 4-1/4", 4. Bering Sea Yuit: 60-3/4"x 4-1/4" 5. Norton Sound: 88-5/8"x 3-5/8" 6.