The purpose of this study was to assess the role of MR imaging for evaluating suspected cardiac tumors or paracardiac masses involving the heart. Sixty-one patients with clinical or radiologic evidence of cardiac masses were imaged with ECG-gated MR at 1.5 T (22 patients) or 0.15 T (39 patients). Fifty-one patients had echocardiography previously.


Hoffmann U, Globits S, Schima W, Loewe C, Puig S, Oberhuber G, Frank H. Usefulness of magnetic resonance imaging of cardiac and paracardiac masses. Am J Cardiol 2003;92:890-5. Sparrow PJ, Kurian JB, Jones TR, Sivananthan MU. MR imaging of cardiac tumors. Radiographics 2005;25:1255-76. Lam KY, Dickens P, Chan AC. Tumors of the heart.

Wintersperger BJ, Becker CR, Gulbins H, et al. Tumors of the cardiac valves: imaging findings in magnetic resonance imaging, electron beam computed tomography, and echocardiography. MR imaging of cardiac tumors and masses: a review of methods and clinical applications. Radiology.

Mr imaging of cardiac tumors and masses

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… Figure 5 Papillary fibroelastoma. (A) The TC with IV contrast identifies one small node of soft tissue attenuation (arrow heads) attached to the atrial surface of the tricuspid valve. (B) In the cine-MR images the node shows a hypointense signal (arrow). - "Imaging findings in cardiac masses (Part i): Study protocol and benign tumors" Cardiac masses seldom produce symptoms, and they are more commonly found during imaging for noncardiac indications.

Oct 10, 2020 Cardiac masses frequently present significant diagnostic and therapeutic Indeed, imaging modalities such as cardiac magnetic resonance, 

Radiology. 2013; 268  Noninvasive cardiac imaging specialists are Cardiac magnetic resonance ( CMR) is well positioned to provide more In contrast, primary intracardiac tumors are more likely to be of cardiac masses on the basis of multiplanar imag Primary cardiac tumors are rare with an autopsy incidence of only 0.02% and an echocardio- graphic incidence of 0.15%.1,2 Among primary cardiac tumors  Cardiac masses have captured the attention since the beginning of Echocardiography has a narrower field of view than MRI or CT in general and can be  Cardiac Tumor | Myxoma | Treatment of Cardiac Tumors. Further non-invasive imaging with computed tomography (CT scan), magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI), or positron emission Myxomas tend to be solitary (occur as a single mass ). Cardiac masses include tumors and non-neoplastic lesions.

Mr imaging of cardiac tumors and masses

61. Motwani M, Kidambi A, Herzog BA, Uddin A, Greenwood JP, Plein S. MR imaging of cardiac tumors and masses: a review of methods and clinical applications. Radiology 2013; 268:26–43 [Google Scholar]

Mr imaging of cardiac tumors and masses

Echocardiography, magnetic resonance (MR) and computed tomography (CT) are fundamental for the detection, characterization, and staging of cardiac masses as well as for planning their treatment. Most primary cardiac tumors are benign; myxomas, papillary fibroelastomas, and lipomas are the most common. Cardiac tumors are rare but reporting of cardiac masses on noninvasive testing as computed tomography (CT) or echocardiogram is common. Cardiac masses can widely range from a normal structure of the heart, also known as “pseudo-mass,” to cardiac thrombus, to the benign and malignant primary and secondary tumors of the heart. Literature Review.

Mr imaging of cardiac tumors and masses

Hospital …, 2010. D. Exarhos. Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package.
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Mr imaging of cardiac tumors and masses

Jan 2, 2020 et al.

Both CT and MRI are used in follow-up of malignant tumors. Jan 2, 2020 et al. MR imaging of cardiac tumors and masses: a review of methods and clinical applications.
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MRI system can provide realtime imaging of the tumor location and help ensure its accurate Developed and mass-produced all-transistor color televisions Developed magnetocardiography technology for scanning cardiac patients. Increased abdominal fat mass and high fat consumption in young Epidural Oscillating Cardiac-Gated Intracranial Implant Modulates Cerebral Blood Flow.